Friday, February 20, 2015

Five for Friday

Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday! 

Yesterday something beautiful happened! (Any guesses?!) My blog redesign was installed! I am so happy with it! I've wanted to have my blog professionally designed for over a year now (with a pervious blog). But with Vegas in my future, I decided to make that dream a reality! 

Last Friday I stayed at school to organize some NEVER organized spots in my classroom. This was one of the results. We call this guy R2D2-and he's always a mess! So I organized all the cords and now each iPad has a spot! It's great to be able to lock them up and let them charge at the same time. :) 

I am redoing my library! Here's a picture of what I was doing: 
But then I came up with a better solution to label my books without a million stickers! I will do a full post on this when I finish! Basically I have all the information I want my kids to have about the book on ONE label. YES! ONE! Genius. I've been using three stickers, so this felt like a major win! I made these sweet buggy labels for the book bins. 

VEGAS! I know this is old news, but my house is a BUZZ with talk of Vegas. Even my husband rushed to check something off of my "Make Vegas Happen" checklist. I'm so excited to be going because last year I was dreaming of going "someday." Well sweet friends, someday is today! (Actually July 9th!) It's amazing how, in the last 6ish months my dreams have changed from being a true dream, to being a goal. Hard work y'all-it's worth it. :) 

We had a four day week with our kiddos. Our State test practice run is next Monday and Tuesday-say a prayer for us. 

What have you been up to this week?