Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Made It

I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics to show you my Monday Made Its! 

Do you work with people you love? I do! I have the best team, but my favorite part of loving my coworkers is that I work with my best friend! She got hired a week or two before me and I swear I don't know how people get through their first year of teaching without their best friend by their side! Yikes! I digress…this week we did some major school supply shopping, so I've been busy getting the supplies ready! New math and science journals with sweet clip art from Krista Wallden. 

Then I labeled each table supply with a color of scotch tape. Each team gets their own color, and is in charge of keeping up with their own supplies. In other words, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" And I really don't y'all. It never failed last year that we would be in the middle of reading a story at our carpet area and some sweet, misguided child would end up half way across the room shouting, "WHOSE BROWN MARKER?!?!?!!!!" I may be a little dramatic, but I'm really thinking this new system will save some time and sanity. 

Last year I had a friend who had some SERIOUS attendance issues. I was banging my head on my desk trying to think of a way to get them to come to school when I remembered something I'd heard during student teaching. There was a teacher at my school who used, "Attendance Lights." When I brought that fresh strand of twinkle lights into my classroom, my students were thrilled! It's simple, when everyone is at school, lights go on! When we have absent members of our class, the lights stay off. My student still missed many days, but his 2 absences a week went down to 1, and he even had some perfect attendance weeks! This year I made them a little fancy by adding fabric scraps. I cut 2 in. by 7 in. strips of fabric and then tied them on in a pattern. 

I wanted to make these last year, but never got around to it. (First year teacher brain, ya know?) So after I made birthday homework passes, (50% off in my TPT store!) I attached them to crazy straws. Ready to go for the whole year! 

Last but not least, my favorite garage sale find! A gum ball machine. This guy was broken and disgusting when I found him. And while it still doesn't function as a gum ball machine, it will be the perfect class incentive! Students will earn a handful of pom-pons every time they get a compliment from another teacher or staff member. When it is full, we vote on a class reward. (No shoes, reading with pillows and blankets, and electronic time-to name a few.) 

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  1. You have been sooo productive lately! Your instagram has been inspiring me to get working :)