Monday, June 23, 2014

Y’all. My brain is so full after a day of ELAR training. I am so eager to get back into the classroom and invoke some of the passion I have for reading in the hearts of my kids. I want passionate students!

We got so many resources!  
I just need to sort through these resources and thoughts and turn these plans into actions for next year.
Can you tell that I love new beginnings?! :)

Speaking of new beginnings... My notebook and planner came in from Erin Cordren, with my (soon to be) new last name! 
The quote is something that my first and second grade teacher said A LOT. It was actually a classroom chant. 
Let me tell you, it's inspired me for all these years! When I saw this cover, I knew it had to be mine. That teacher was a HUGE inspiration to me, she invested in me and went above and beyond! (And even beyond that!) She was such a huge part of why I wanted to be a teacher and what kind of teacher I want to be, so this is just a daily reminder of that. 
I have such a love for Erin Condren products, they are cute and so functional! They are sturdy and made in the USA! My love for her company grew after this last order. While these products are beautiful, they are not perfect. I emailed her CS team about the gaps between the coil and cover design, and they are reprinting my notebook and planner cover, and rushing the shipping. It was handled in less than 48 hours with so much grace. Customer for life right here! 
If you've never ordered Erin Condren products I urge you to check out her website! AND if you use this link HERE you can get $10 off! 

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