Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wonderful Word Problems

Today I knew I had to design something with these precious crayons! 

So today I made these addition and subtraction word problem operation sort. I can already see myself using it during tutoring or Saturday school! And I just love those little crayon by Krista Wallden
If you're needing some multiplication word problems for next year, take a look at these! They're two digit by one digit. These task cards are designed for around the room math! 
This set of cards is a self-checking set. That means that once students solve the problem, they look for the apple that has the product they found.That is the next word problem they solve. Then they find the apple that has that product and so on. They will know they are done when they get all the way back to the card they started at. This is one circle of problem solving, so students could start at any problem, and they would still finish at their first card. 
A little more about around the room math: 
I'm not sure if everyone does this, but my team used this idea a lot! Around the room math is great because it involves independent thinking, practicing the skill, physical movement and differentiation. Students can move at their own pace. When I do around the room math in my classroom, I often have some kids working with a partner and others working independently. You can also make mental notes about when to check in with students. If Johnny has a problem with multistep problems, when I see he is at the multistep problem, I know I need to check in with him. It's also a great time to introduce a challenge problem! While students are working on the cards around the room, you can call students over for a challenge, or even reteach. The possibilities are endless! 

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