Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wild About...Fact Families!

Krista Wallden recently released her zoo animals and they're absolutely inspiring! I just want to add these cuties to everything I make! 

Introducing a new game...

These two games feature addition/subtraction fact families and multiplication/division fact families! Both versions have the option of game cards with or without QR codes. I can't wait to get these game pieces laminated and set up for my class in the fall! (Can you tell I really am enjoying prepping for next year?!) 

I plan on making several "Wild About..." games, so stay tuned! 

The best part about this product is that it is FREE for right now! Tomorrow afternoon it will become a paid product, so make sure you snatch it up quickly, and leave feedback if you do! 

And I almost forgot! Here is a buggy mental math game I will be using in my room. Students draw a number card and then continue to add on to their number as they work their way around the game board. Students continue to draw new number cards to add on to until their are no cards left! This one is staying a freebie, so enjoy! (Once again, feedback is always GREATLY appreciated!)

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