Thursday, July 2, 2015

Keep Folder Freebie

Hey sweet readers! I hope you're having a great summer! I've been spending some time on Instagram and reading that some teachers are starting back in a couple weeks! OUCH! While I'm sure most of us have at least another month of summer, I thought I would post this now in case you're going back sooner rather than later.

Our students bring folders in their school supplies, but for folders we access every day, I buy plastic folders.
Molly loves "helping" get folders ready. 

One folder we use every single day is our "Keep" folder. This folder came about my first year of teaching because I had no idea where to have my students put an assignment some hadn't finished. (What do you mean every student isn't finished at the same time?! HA! Bless my first year teacher heart!) So out of desperation, I quickly renamed a folder in their desk, "Keep Folder." I know I'm not alone in this. I have teammates who also use a "Keep" folder. Although sometimes I think it should be called the "Black Hole" folder. ;)

So, if you have a keep folder, or want to implement one this coming year, here are some free labels for you to use!
The "Keep Folder" Label goes on the front of the folder. (2x4 labels)
The "In Progress" label goes on the left inside pocket for unfinished work. (return address labels)
The "V.I.P." label goes on the right inside pocket. It's for papers you want your students to keep and reference. We put a list of character traits, informational book marks (I use one for context clues) and some students have their reference materials stored there as well.
Click HERE to download a copy of the labels. Enjoy!

The cute pencil clip art is from Krista over at Creative Clips Clipart!
You can click HERE to go to her TPT store! :)

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